The 15 Best MacBook Accessories For Freelancers Using Apple Laptop

Apple laptop
Macbook Accessories

If you’re a freelancer who is using an Apple laptop, we’ve got something to share with you asap that landed on our deals table. While a Macbook can do quite a bit on its own, it can do much more and better with the addition of the proper accessories. There are many Mac-compatible accessories in the market, but you need to be especially wary and selective of the products you buy for your laptop for the best results and value for your money.

The Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac mouse, the Satechi USB-C hub, and the Mophie Powerstation Pro XL backup battery are just a few of the 15 accessories that beautifully complement any Mac laptop to maximize its functionality and your productivity at home on a desk or the go.

Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac
  • Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac

The Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac strikes an ideal combination of convenience, functionality, connection, and precision. The USB-C charging cable is supplied, and it may be used on practically any surface (even glass) for up to 70 days. If your battery dies, don’t worry; a quick recharge will have you back to clicking in no time. There is no need for a dongle since it connects wirelessly with Macbooks over Bluetooth. If you use a mouse with a tablet or another computer, you may easily swap between three distinct devices.

Apple Magic Trackpad
  • The Apple Magic Trackpad

Apple’s built-in laptop trackpads are the finest in the business, and many people prefer using them for swiping, clicking, and scrolling. With the Magic Trackpad, you can enjoy the same precision and capability of Apple’s built-in trackpad on your desk instead of only on your laptop.

Apple laptop
Keychron K1 SE Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
  • Keychron K1 SE Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The Keychron K1 SE costs just $15 less than Apple’s Magic Keyboard while providing a superior mechanical keyboard experience. The Keychron K1 SE is not your typical bulky mechanical keyboard; instead, it has elegant keycaps and low-profile mechanical switches. It utilizes Bluetooth for connecting to Macs.

Anker 737 GaNPrime 120W Charger
  • Anker 737 GaNPrime 120W Charger

In contrast to the iPhone, it’s great that Apple still included chargers with their Mac notebooks. However, if you have a MacBook Air, the included charger may not be the most efficient or effective option. The M2 MacBook Air charges at 100W when using the Anker 737 GanPrime charger, rather than the 30W provided by Apple. When opposed to Apple’s chargers, which only have a single USB-C port, the Anker 737 offers two USB-C ports and one USB-A connector for charging other devices like a phone, tablet, earphones, or wristwatch.

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Anker 643 USB-C to USB-C Cable 100W
  • Anker 643 USB-C to USB-C Cable 100W

The Anker 643 USB-C to USB-C Cable 100W is superior to Mac’s stock charging cable because of its quality soft-touch silicone design, robust construction, and an array of available colors. Although I haven’t put it to the test, Anker says it can withstand 25,000 bends; after many run-ins with my child, I can vouch for its durability.

  • Dell S2722QC 27-inch 4K Monitor

Monitors are flexible purchases based on your needs and budget. This 27-inch Dell monitor with 4K resolution is a respectable mid-ranger at a mid-range price that will go well with the display and quality feel of your Mac.

Apple laptop
Bestand Aluminum Laptop Stand
  • Bestand Aluminum Laptop Stand

If you want to keep your Mac laptop off the desk and elevate the screen to make it more comfortable for your neck, a basic, affordable stand made of solid aluminum is an ideal method to do both. It works well with the Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac mouse and Keychron K1 SE keyboard I recommended before.

Macally Vertical Laptop Stand
  • Macally Vertical Laptop Stand

If you’d rather not use your laptop’s built-in display and instead utilize a monitor on your desk, the Macally Vertical Laptop Stand is the way to go. The stand will hold your Macbook on your desk without taking up too much room. The mounts are adjustable to fit Macs of varying thicknesses and have plush anti-scratch cushioning.

MacBook Accessories
Satechi Slim Aluminum Type-C Multi-Port Adapter V2
  • Satechi Slim Aluminum Type-C Multi-Port Adapter V2

Satechi produces premium accessories that work splendidly with Apple computers. Many various USB-C adapters with many different ports are available from the manufacturer. The Slim Aluminum Type-C Multi-connector Adapter V2 is a cheap and functional option, providing two USB-A connections, an HDMI connector that is compatible with 4K displays at 60 frames per second, microSD and SD card ports, and a USB-C Power Delivery port that can provide up to 60W of charging power. The adapter’s USB-C port isn’t data-transferring, but the other USB-C port on your Mac laptop will work just fine.

Apple laptop
Syntech USB C to USB Adapter, two-pack
  • Syntech USB C to USB Adapter, two-pack

Connecting older devices with USB-A connections to the newer USB-C ports on your Mac is a breeze with the help of the Syntech USB-C to USB Adapter. Put simply.

Mophie Powerstation Pro XL
  • Mophie Powerstation Pro XL

Slim and compact, the Mophie Powerstation Pro XL is a laptop battery backup system. With a 100W output, it will charge as rapidly as most laptops would allow, and its 25,000mAh capacity means it can retain a full charge for several. You can simultaneously charge three USB-C devices with the Powerstation Pro XL’s three USB-C charging ports.

Apple laptop
Samsung T7 1TB External SSD
  • Samsung T7 1TB External SSD

When compared to Apple’s internal storage alternatives, the cost of adding an external SSD with a significant capacity to your Mac is far lower. File transfers to and from your Mac will feel as fast as their native storage thanks to the T7’s usage of the fastest USB 3.2 Gen 2 standard.

MacBook Accessories
AirPods Pro 2nd-generation
  • AirPods Pro 2nd-generation

The second-generation Apple AirPods Pro is a huge improvement over the first-generation model in terms of sound quality and noise cancellation, and they hardly require an introduction. They’re perfect for connecting your Macbook to other Apple products like smartphones and tablets because of how easily they pair and switch between networks.

Sony MDR-7506 wired headphones
  • Sony MDR-7506 wired headphones

All of Apple’s most recent notebooks, including the M2 MacBook Air, M2 MacBook Pro (13-inch), and M1 Pro MacBook Pro, include 3.5mm headphone connectors that are compatible with high-impedance headphones. The Sony MDR-7606 is perfect for this purpose. These headphones are legendary classics that are utilized by experts in every field that requires high-quality audio because of their surprisingly low price and impeccable sound quality.

Apple laptop
Logitech Z623 speaker system with subwoofer
  • Logitech Z623 speaker system with subwoofer

These are the best speakers you can get for the money. The quality of their sound much exceeds its low asking price. The only drawback is that they are wired and need to use the headphone port on your Mac. Logitech has a Bluetooth adaptor if you’re set on a cordless workspace.

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