Preorder Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Laptops

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Laptops

The Samsung Galaxy Book 3, a new series of high-end Windows 11 notebooks, was just unveiled at Samsung’s yearly Unpacked event, which is where they also unveiled a number several other exciting products.

The ultra-thin Book3 Pro, the high-performance Ultra variant, and the convertible laptop/tablet hybrid Book3 Pro 360 are all included in this portfolio. The three variants are compatible with Galaxy smartphones, have 3K OLED panels, and have several connectors.

The Book3 Pro, in particular, has an eerie resemblance to the 13-inch MacBook Pro. It feels and looks much like an Apple laptop.

Check out each model here.

Galaxy Book 3 Ultra from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Book 3
Galaxy Book 3 Ultra from Samsung

The Galaxy Book3 Ultra is the top-tier device in the Book3 family. It features an outstanding 16-inch OLED display, an i7 or i9 strong Intel Core processor, and – most astonishingly — an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics card.

With all these features, it is clear that Samsung intends the Book3 Ultra for creative professionals like graphic designers and videographers. Even when running heavy software like Photoshop or Premiere simultaneously, the CPU and GPU had more than adequate power.

It should also be a terrific gaming laptop thanks to the RTX 40 GPU. It won’t be a problem for you to play demanding games like Elden Ring or Dead Space. Additionally, the laptop is a fantastic live-streaming device when coupled with a strong internet connection.

The drawback is that due to their high power, the CPU and GPU consume a lot of energy to operate. Although Samsung states that the battery can last up to 17 hours, watch for future reviews to confirm this. They do include a “compact fast charging adapter,” which according to Samsung can charge the laptop to 55% of its capacity in just 30 minutes.

The Book3 Ultra weighs around four pounds, making it the bulkiest laptop of the three. A full keyboard with a numpad, up to a terabyte of solid-state storage, and several connectors, including a built-in microSD reader, are all included for that weight, though. Additionally, it has a stereo microphone, a subwoofer speaker, and an HD webcam.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360

The Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 is a laptop/tablet hybrid. This implies that you may either use the device as a conventional laptop or a tablet by folding the screen and keyboard together.

To accomplish this, the Pro 360’s 16-inch screen is also a touchscreen. The S Pen, a stylus that works with both the Book3 and Galaxy smartphones, is a part of the system.

Additionally, it has up to 1TB of solid-state storage and 32GB of RAM. You can get the Pro 360 with either an Intel Core i5 or an i7 processor, depending on your budget. The integrated Intel graphics, which are not nearly as powerful, especially for gaming, as opposed to the dedicated graphics card found in the Book3 Ultra, are the only alternative.

Students or creatives like freelancers with heavy tasks who need to remain mobile while working might choose this option.

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Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro

The least expensive of the three is Samsung’s Galaxy Book3 Pro. It comes in two sizes—14 inches or 16 inches—and both have screens with 3K resolutions.

The internal specifications of the Book3 Pro and Book3 Pro 360 are quite similar. You may purchase it with an integrated Intel GPU, up to 32GB of RAM, and up to 1TB of solid-state storage. However, it lacks a touchscreen and cannot be folded into a tablet, unlike the Pro 360.

Pricing and availability

The 14-inch Galaxy Book3 Pro costs $1450, and the 16-inch model starts at $1550. The price of the Book3 Pro 360 is $1700. Although you may place an order for either model today, both versions went on sale on February 17.

While the Book3 Ultra starts at $2200. Although there is no official release date as of yet, you may register for “Early Access” on Samsung’s website, which is practically the same as placing a preorder.

Any model you order can also be combined with a brand-new Galaxy S23 smartphone to receive a 10% discount. Additionally, you also receive Samsung Credit for every new Galaxy smartphone you purchase from their website.

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